10 of the best ways for gaming to put dirty cheaters in their place

Rockstar Games / KoingWolf

Back in 2015And Grand Theft Auto Online Players have found a way to produce a car that is usually only available in Grand Theft Auto VSingle player campaign. While some developers might simply patch the vulnerability out of the game, Rockstar decided that wasn’t enough, and that these cheaters deserved appropriate punishment. grand theft auto Game. So instead of removing the car, the studio made it so that whenever a player tried to enter it, the car would automatically explode, leaving cheaters with a sudden “lost” game and panic stops for good measure.

Why was this car so important? It was Duke O’ Death, only awarded to players who upgraded from the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions. Grand Theft Auto V to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One ports. Rockstar finally made the car available to all gamers in 2021, even in Grand Theft Auto Onlinebut at one point was such a prized possession that Rockstar went the extra mile to keep it out of multiplayer.

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