35 Awful Food Pictures That Look Anything But Appetizing

Personally, I love seeing great food photos on social media. I actually have a separate Instagram account just for sharing vegan food and following food accounts, so I can always give this feed a go when I’m feeling hungry and need some inspiration for what to make for dinner. Seeing a few photos of gorgeous oatmeal bowls and huge Buddha bowls filled with roasted vegetables and topped with fresh sauces and decadent desserts is often exactly what I need to lift me out of my culinary doldrums. But for some reason, there’s another kind of person in the world, too: those who enjoy viewing disgusting, unappetizing food pictures for the sake of… fun?

The Bad Food subreddit may be a mystery to you. It’s dedicated to sharing “horrible food photos from amateur photographers,” and it’s obviously doing quite well. The group, which was created in May 2017, has already amassed over 36,000 members, and it has just one simple rule: photos only. The community is particularly focused on amateur food photos from social media, but it’s also a breeding ground for some of the most unappetizing meals you’ve ever seen. Scrambled eggs, rotten steak, and baked goods that resemble something my dog ​​would leave for me to pick up in the lawn, this collection has no shortage of shocking and spoiled photos.

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