4 Oregon Ducks teams score perfect in APR football have lowest score since 2010-11

Oregon State’s men’s tennis, women’s tennis, women’s golf, and women’s cross country teams all posted perfect APA scores in the four-year period ending in 2021-22 and were among seven UO teams with perfect one-year grades during that year, according to reports released in April. The NCAA annual game on Tuesday.

Men’s basketball, women’s basketball, soccer, women’s cross country, women’s golf, men’s tennis, and women’s tennis all had perfect results in the 2020-21 APR. UO has had two teams with a perfect multi-year score and six with a perfect one-year score in 2020-21.

Oregon football’s four-year APR dropped from 960 to 950, its lowest since 2010-11 (948), due to an April average of 934 for one year, which is down from 939 for one year in 2020-21 and the program’s lowest since 2009 — 10 (932). UO football’s four-year APR was last in the Pac-12 with Utah (988), Washington (986), and Stanford (982) as the only Pac-12 schools with multi-year scores above 980 in football.

Only four Power 5 football teams (Maryland, LSU, Tennessee, and Texas A&M) have lower multi-year APR scores.

An APR score of 930 equates to a graduation rate of approximately 50%, and postseason eligibility requires a four-year score of 930 or 940 for the last two years.

Oregon State’s multi-year APR for men’s basketball rose from a conference low of 948 to 965, tied for ninth in the Pac-12, thanks to its first perfect score since 2016-17.

The multi-year APR for Oregon women’s basketball increased from 984 to 994. The APR for UO women’s basketball remains 9th in the Pac-12, all of which have scored at least 980 points.

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