A ‘Destiny 2’ Solstice High-Stat Armor Farming Trick Your Alts Will Love

Destiny 2’s Solstice event continues, and unfortunately this year, Bungie decided to do away with something they had done the previous few years, giving a boost to requirements on alternate characters once you completed 1-2 existing armor sets.

There used to be a 2x boost on your second character once you “finished” your armor on your main, then a 3x bonus for your third after finishing two. Now, that doesn’t exist, and you have to do all 24 challenges on both alts, including 25 gambit/crucible matches each, if you want that maxed out armor.

Unless…you don’t.

Turns out there’s a trick that at the very least, will allow you to at least farm for high stat armor on your alts without doing all 24 challenges again. I don’t know if this will end up being patched but for now, it isn’t, and it’s not cheating because the current system is too grindy anyway. Here’s what you do.

  • You will need to complete your 4 slots that cost 24 Kindling on your main. This will get you “white glow” armor and the ability to get max possible rolls with three rounds of ember infusion per armor piece.

  • But once you do this, you can then start transferring Solstice armor pieces from your alts to your main, and you will be able to upgrade those three times with ash for max possible stats, without doing any Kindling farming at all. The game just recognizes that you have “finished” the slot upgrade on the character, and doesn’t realize that the armor you’re upgrading is from another class. So this is a great way to gear out your alts without needing to slog through 48 more Solstice challenges.
  • For those going for gilded Flamekeeper, these upgrades will count toward the 12 you need for one of the final challenges of “maxed” armor. If you don’t have alts, you just need to max upgrade 12 pieces on your main.
  • You can farm the armor and leaves and ash on your alts if you want, because it’s shared currency, and you just transfer the armor when you need it upgraded. The only catch is that upgrading the armor this way will note give you the white glow effect. It appears the only way to get that cosmetic is indeed to do all 24 challenges for the full run of kindling upgrades per character.

It’s a confusing system, but this workaround should help a little bit. I have also run into an issue where even if I wanted to, I cannot progress my alts, because the game is not registering me converting leaves into ash for the quest challenge. So whatever, I give up, and I’m just doing it this way.

We’ll see if anything gets fixed/patch, but for now, I haven’t seen any of this in “known issues” and Bungie has not made any comments about it. For now, farm away.

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