Alice Rohrwacher ‘La Chimera’ parades in nine minutes of standing ovation at Cannes – Deadline

Italian director Alice Rohrwacher no chimera The Cannes Film Festival audience was completely charmed at the competition’s world premiere this afternoon, receiving a 9-minute standing ovation inside the Palais’ Lumière theatre. For those keeping score, this is tied for the year’s longest running event with Martin Scorsese Moonflower Killers that was played out of competition.

The passionate Rohrwacher spoke in Italian and French. Her first comment is “Grazie a tutti” in her native language before switching to French and recounting that the movie was made between friends. She continued, “This movie could not have been done without everyone who is here, especially Josh O’Connor.” Then the two exchanged hugs.

no chimeraAs Deadline’s Pete Hammond wrote in his review, “An adventure, a spiritual and ethereal journey, a love story even on different levels, and a heist thriller like no other.”

The action center is set in the 1980s and deals with the notorious Italian Tombaroli, a group of tomb robbers who aim to live an easy life by taking from the dead, digging and invading tombs and tombs to steal treasures from ancient times thousands of years old to sell for the walls, particularly here. The mysterious person known only as Spartacus.

O’Connor plays an alien on a mission to possibly discover the key to the afterlife so he can be reunited with his true love. His unique talents for digging into the past in other ways lead to his association with Tomparoli.

Rohrwacher, winner of awards at Cannes for two previous films, 2014 wonderland (Grand Prize) and 2018 Happy like Lazarus (Screenplay) She was nominated for an Academy Award this year for her live-action short film the pupils, It established a reputation for itself, particularly through its victory over the boys’ club which is traditionally the competition of Cannes.

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