Amazon is rolling out Roku-like free TV channels for Fire devices

Amazon just announced the imminent launch of Fire TV Channels, allowing customers to access a variety of “premium and free content” on Fire streaming devices, streaming boxes and, of course, Fire-branded TVs. The Company warrants that there are no compulsory subscriptions or fees associated with this content.

Just like, there seems to be a lot of free content to play around with here. There are channels for local and national news, sports, travel, cooking, music videos, old TV shows and just about everything else. Amazon has announced content partnership deals with NHL hockey, PGA golf, gossip site TMZ, ABC News, and media giant Condé Nast, among others. All told, the company says it has brought together more than 400 publishing partners who are ready for the summer launch.

This is an ad-supported service, so if you have an aversion to Dang Liberty Mutual, look elsewhere for content. Amazon already offers some FAST (Free Ad-supported TV) channels, but this is a huge boost for the platform. In addition, there will be an easily accessible Free tab on the home screen of all Fire devices for immediate perusal. This tab is divided into more specific lists of categories.

“With Fire TV channels, we offer a simple, category-based experience that makes it easy to discover what you want to watch while constantly expanding our content offerings.” said Charlotte Maines, Fire TV’s director of advertising, monetization and engagement.

The company says that the channels will feature live content, linear content, and VOD content. It also says that new things will be added throughout the day, so binge, baby, binge. Amazon isn’t the only player in the FAST space. Besides the OG Roku, it offers 800 channels of its own.

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