Amazon is taking the Charcoal Pixel Buds Pro a little too literally

The retailer showed popular charcoal grills alongside Google’s wireless earbuds

The Pixel Buds Pro are almost here, with pre-orders going up last week and shipping expected to commence on July 28. Unless you’re one of the lucky customers who got the earbuds earlier than usual, you will have to wait until later this week, just like the rest of us. Expectedly, the earbuds can be pre-ordered from the Google Store, in addition to other popular e-commerce platforms like Best Buy. But someone seems to have gotten their wires crossed when putting up the listing on Amazon, and ended up a little confused by the presence of the “charcoal” colorway.


Up until just a little earlier today, Amazon was featuring the Charcoal Pixel Buds Pro as one of its top new … charcoal grills? Odder still, the listing showed a premium price, asking for $258.42, rather than $200 you’d pay anywhere else. Even the Fog and Lemongrass variants weren’t immune to that bump — though as we go to publish now, Amazon is no longer confusing these earbuds for a grill, and pricing is back down where we’d expect.

This presumably inadvertent, yet nonetheless hilarious error, was first spotted by /u/freddiega/, and later spread by renowned Android resource, Esper’s Mishaal Rahman. The listing appears to have been up for several days before anyone at Amazon caught wise.

Unveiled during Google I/O in May, the company made us wait for a couple months, only releasing the Pixel Buds Pro now in July, alongside the Pixel 6a. The hype for the new earbuds is higher than usual since this is the first offering from Google to feature ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) — a feature that was sorely missed on the budget-friendly Pixel Buds A-Series.

So if you’re seeking out the Pixel Buds Pro in the Charcoal colorway through Amazon, make sure you don’t forget to stock up on lighter fluid and briquettes, too, we guess?

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