Amazon now has more than 100 million Echo devices that support Matter

Alexa and Matter are working closer than ever to ending the challenges of interoperability in the smart home.

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Alexa is getting some major updates in Amazon’s goal of achieving an interoperable ambient smart home environment. Amazon reached more than 100 million Matter-enabled Echo devices distributed in customers’ homes through Tamkeen Echo of the second generationAnd Echo Plus, and Echo Dot devices to become important consoles. This makes 20 Echo models that now support Matter.

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The company also announced the update for Echo of the fourth generation That would effectively turn it into a Thread border router, supporting not only Zigbee, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, but also Matter-enabled Thread devices, effective today.

The Thread Boundary Router connects devices in the Thread network to Wi-Fi or Ethernet. A thread is a mesh network of low-power smart devices commonly used in smart homes, such as some smart plugs and entry sensors. Some examples of thread border routers include the Apple TV 4K and Nanoleaf LineAnd itemsAnd ShapesAnd, now, the fourth generation Echo.

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Expanding the amount of Matter controllers and updating the Echo to become a Thread boundary router means we’re much closer to a world where consumers can connect most smart home devices available on the market, without thinking about interoperability with their own smart devices. home systems.

Amazon’s new updates also mean customers can now set up Matter devices with iOS, and the company says this includes Thread devices that support Matter.

Eve and Amazon to work together

Some Eve devices are equipped to work with Alexa as of today, with the smart home system supporting Matter over Thread devices. While the branding was mostly reserved for HomeKit users, this new update gives compatible devices like the Eve Door & Window, Eve Motion, and Eve Energy the ability to have the Works With Alexa badge promoted, which can make them more discoverable on Amazon. It also allows customers to identify them quickly.

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It also means that Eve will also have a frustration-free setup (FFS) for all of its Matter-enabled devices, starting later this month. FFS makes it easy to set up new devices out of the box, consumers can power on the new device and it will connect to the network almost instantly and with little intervention, much like the plug-and-play feature of smart home devices.

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