Android 13 Beta 4.1 is killing a few last bugs before the final stable release

You don’t need to wait for an official launch to get these fixes

Android 13 Beta 4 arrived just a couple of weeks ago, bringing a release candidate of this year’s software upgrade to Pixel phones everywhere. At the time, we noted that — like Beta 3 — this update likely wouldn’t be the last release before a stable launch next month, as Google prefers to roll out bug fixes as quickly as possible to its testers. As we rapidly approach August, the company’s kicking off the week with Android 13 Beta 4.1, delivering a handful of must-have tweaks to users everywhere.


As you might expect from a software version so close to a stable release, Beta 4.1 is limited to a few bug fixes that can’t wait for an official launch. Here’s Google’s entire changelog for today’s update:

  • Fixed an issue that prevented an app from enabling or disabling Bluetooth if it didn’t have the BLUETOOTH_CONNECT permission, even though the app was targeting an API level where the permission is not required. (Issue #232107689)
  • Fixed issues that sometimes caused a device to crash and reboot when connecting to certain WiFi networks. (Issue #237308339, Issue #237886229, Issue #237878437)
  • Fixed an issue where Meet connectivity could drop while driving.
  • Fixed an issue where the system could incorrectly interpret GPS data.

Even for beta software, all four of these fixes are pretty slight, though it does show Google’s dedication to ensuring Android 13 is as stable as possible when it rolls out to all users next month. The OTA files for compatible Pixel devices are already up for grabs, in case you’re too impatient to wait for the update to reach your device. Unless Beta 4.1 contains some must-fix bugs, this could be the final release in the Android 13 beta program.

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