Are you afraid of data leakage to ChatGPT? Microsoft is testing a proprietary alternative – information

OpenAI’s ChatGPT is not trusted by everyone.

While the new AI-powered chatbot has proven popular with some companies looking to automate business tasks, others, such as banks, have avoided adopting ChatGPT for fear that their employees might inadvertently provide information specific to the chatbot when using it. Microsoft, which has the right to resell the startup technology, has a plan to win over the holdouts.

Later this quarter, Microsoft’s Azure cloud server unit plans to sell a version of ChatGPT that runs on dedicated cloud servers where data will be kept separate from other customers’ data, according to two people familiar with the upcoming announcement. People said the idea is to give customers peace of mind that their secrets won’t be leaked into the main ChatGPT system. But it will come at a price: The product could cost up to 10 times what customers currently pay to use the regular version of ChatGPT, said one of those people.

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