Author Jordan Peterson Reacts to Olivia Wilde’s “Villain” Comments

Warner Bros. Denies Conflict With Olivia Wilde Amid Latest Allegation

Jordan Peterson is speaking out Olivia Wilde‘s recent statements about him.

The author became tearful over comments made by the actress, who said that Chris Pine‘s villainous character in every movie Don’t Worry Darling is based on Peterson during a Sept. 1 shot with Interview Magazine. “People have been after me for a long time because I’ve been speaking to disaffected young men—what a terrible thing to do, that is,” said Peterson during a Sept. 28 appearances Piers Morgan Uncensored. “I thought the marginalized were supposed to have a voice.”

Wilde went on to call Peterson—who has made headlines over the years for his controversial views and most famously his public announcement that he wouldn’t comply with a Canadian law that he saw a threat to free speech—”this insane man” who is a “pseudo-intellectual hero to the incel community,” a term he cannot stand behind.

He shared, “It’s very difficult to understand how demoralized people are, and certainly many young men are in that category.” “And you get these casual insults: ‘These incels.'”

Explaining his interpretation of the term, “Well, these men, they don’t know how to make themselves attractive to women, who are very picky.”

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