Author reveals who could be villains in Prince Harry’s memoir

Prince Harry’s ghostwriter is getting $1 million for his memoir, claimed a report in the

It said the Duke of Sussex and JR Moehrimger have been working on the memoir in secret.

Commenting on the report, renowned ghostwriter Johsua Lisec said “Prince Harry got a fat advance to tarnish his family name and hired a ghostwriter to carry out the hit.”

Lisec, who is the author of several books, said, “How can the ghostwriter salvage his honor, do justice to Prince Harry’s story, and sell a million books all at the same time?”

He then went om to explain what should be expected from Harry’s memoir.

“Prince Harry’s memoir needs to be told in a way that sets him as the Hero, he said.

Elaborating on who might be the “villain”, Joshua said, “it’s the family.”

He said it would be the wrong move on the part of Harry as “the villain tormenting Prince Harry must be a concept, not an individual.”

Read Joshua’s Twitter thread on Harry’s memoir below:

“If you said “make Meghan the villain!” then you are just cheering for more strife in the world.

We need his Enemy to be something big, something all of us face, something we long to see defeated.

What are possible villains?

-Losing his mom

-Feeling suffocated by tradition

-The challenge of falling in love with someone who doesn’t fit in smoothly with your family

-How to leave the shadow of your parents to be known as your own person”

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