Barack Obama’s 2022 Summer Playlist: Listen Here

Can you imagine Barack Obama blaring Rosalía’s “SAOKO” as he speeds around Martha’s Vinyard on his crutch rocket, or enjoying a stiff drink as Harry Styles’ “Music for a Sushi Restaurant” plays in the background? Maybe you saw him in the pit getting down to Wet Leg’s “Angelica,” or talking up Kendrick Lamar’s “Die Hard” while in line for a coffee? It’s more realistic than you think, as the former president has shared his 2022 Summer playlist.⁠

“Every year, I get excited to share my summer playlist because I learn about so many new artists from your replies—it’s an example of how music really can bring us all together,” Obama wrote in a post accompanying this year’s summer playlist. “Here’s what I’ve been listening to this summer. What songs would you add?”

In addition to the aforementioned tracks, Obama is spinning Beyoncé’s “Break My Soul,” Kacey Musgraves’ “Keep Looking Up,” Tems’ “Vibe Out,” Maggie Rogers’ “That’s Where I Am,” and Hope Tala’s “Cherries.”

There’s some older fare included as well, such as Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark,” Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy,” Miles Davis’ “Blue in Green,” Jack White’s “I’m Shakin,’” and Fatboy Slim’s “Praise you.”

Obama also shared his 2022 Summer reading list (as seen below). You can find his 2021 favorite songs list here.

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