Bruins’ David Pasternak reveals he played through injury in the playoffs

BRIGHTON, MA – The irony of the situation isn’t lost on Boston Bruins star David Pasternak.

After being cleared in the regular season to allow him to score 61 goals, Pastrnak revealed on Tuesday during the exit interview day at Warrior Ice Arena that he suffered a shoulder injury just seconds after hitting the ice for the game. 1 against the Florida Panthers.

“I’ve been healthy all year,” Pasternak said. First game, first turnaround (injury).

Pastrnak felt the illness limited his production as he did not score a point in three out of four games after the series opener. And the inability to give the Bruins it all for the majority of the series weighed heavily on Pastrnak.

“This sport, you can’t be healthy all the time,” Pasternak said. “It definitely hurts not to be able to give 100% and play my game in the series, especially after my year. I’ve been healthy and I know what I can do when I’m healthy.”

Pasternak said his health improved in the final stages of the series and he overcame the mental blockages it caused him. It was evident from his game on the ice, too. The 26-year-old winger scored twice in Game 6, including an absurd tally that will stand as a standing fixture on Pastrnak’s landmark reel for the entirety of his career, while also hitting a go-ahead goal in the third period of Game 7. Pastrnak ended the streak tied for the team lead in goals with five. .

Pasternak added that the injury he suffered would not require any surgery during the off-season.

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