BubbleDeck: The Verge’s first free Stream Deck app is virtual bubble wrap

I’ve always thought the Stream Deck’s squishy buttons looked like delightful bubble wrap.

What if you could pop them, too?

Yes, we seriously turned all of the Stream Deck’s extra buttons into fidget toys, complete with sound effects! Whether you only have one spare slot or want to fill a full 32-button page on your Stream Deck XL – we tested it, and it works – this free app is for you.

If the direct link doesn’t work on your Stream Deck, head over to Elgato’s plugin store directly: 1) Open the Stream Deck app, 2) Click the small colored keyboard icon with the blue plus sign, 3) Type “bubble” in the search box. it should pop Right.

The idea had been circling Sean’s brain for months, but Mitchell deserves credit for making it a reality. He’s already submitted it to the Elgato App Store on his first day of hiking 2,600 miles along the Pacific Crest Trail. You can also read about all the lightweight gear he brings on that adventure — he’s already got up to 110 miles.

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