Bud Light sales fell 21% in the wake of the failure of Dylan Mulvaney

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May 2, 2023 | 10:34 a.m

The staggering sales of Bud Light are compounded with each passing week after an ill-fated marketing association with transgender social media influencer Dylan Mulvaney — with the latest weekly numbers showing a staggering 21% drop.

During the week ending April 22 — the most recent industry data available — Bud Light sales fell 21% — accelerating from a 17% decline the previous week and an initial weekly drop of 6% when the controversy began during the first week of April, according to Nielsen IQ and Bump Williams Consulting.

Meanwhile, beer volumes — the number of cases sold, whether they’re in 12-, 18-, or 24-count cans — fell 26% last week, versus a 21% drop a week ago and an initial drop of 11%, according to the data.

That’s an indication that Bud Light’s core customers — who typically buy beer in bulk — are abandoning the brand, beverage expert Bump Williams said in an interview Tuesday.

“Not buying the larger Bud Light packages — the 30-pack, 20-pack, 18-pack, 12-pack — they’re all affected,” Williams told The Post. “It will be very difficult to reverse the decline. “

Bud Light remains the best-selling beer in the United States, with sales last year of more than $4.8 billion. By comparison, the No. 2 brand, Modelo Especial, sold $3.75 billion while Michelob Ultra had $3.3 billion in sales, according to Connecticut-based research firm Williams.

Bud Light announces its partnership with Mulvaney – a social media influencer with an online following of over 10 million people.
The Megyn Kelly Show

However, a sharp decline in sales in the past few weeks has left year-to-date sales down 8%, threatening Bud Light’s leading position, according to the latest sales data. Unless parent Anheuser-Busch turns things around, “then the Bud Light is in serious trouble this year,” according to Williams.

“I think he risks losing the No. 1 spot at the end of the 2023 calendar year to the Modelo Especial,” said Williams.

The Post requested comment from Anheuser-Busch.

Earlier this month, Mulvaney began posting photos and videos of herself on social media promoting Bud Light — sparking outrage and calls for a boycott.

Bud Light sales fell 26% for the week ending April 22nd.
@dylanmulvaney via Reuters

The controversy also prompted Bad Light to put two marketing executives—Alyssa Heinscheid, vice president of marketing, and its president, Daniel Blake—on furlough.

Williams said Heinerscheid, who was hired to lead marketing for Bud Light last year amid declining sales, has tried to tap into a young, progressive demographic.

“Her miss was that I didn’t think she understood who primary shopper Bud Light was,” Williams said.

“When she came out with her comments, they were taken as insulting, insulting, and short,” Williams said. And the drinkers of the buds of light said, “Enough of that.”

Alissa Heinerscheid, Bud Light’s chief marketing officer, has been placed on leave by the company.
Anheuser Bush

The company is trying to win back the hearts and minds of those who resented Mulvaney’s campaign.

Over the weekend, Bud Light released a “textured” YouTube ad featuring young beer drinkers frolicking in the rain at a country music festival.

The ad, which premiered during last week’s NFL Draft live broadcast on ABC and ESPN, shows the youngsters opening a can of beer as the Zac Brown Band’s hit song is heard in the background.

But critics have accused the company of pandering to try to restore consumer confidence.

Mulvaney’s business deals with Nike, Maybelline, and Kate Spade sparked backlash.

Women’s magazine Allure recently put Mulvaney on its annual “A-List,” leading to calls for a boycott of her.


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