Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes smile together in NYC after the Coachella PDA

Couples who dress alike, they say, stay together. Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello aren’t a couple — not officially, anyway — but they might be trying the old adage about size.

Mendes and Cabello were spotted Thursday at another outing in New York City, but this time they looked like a mixed doubles team ready to tear it up on the tennis court. Cabello wore a tight black T-shirt with a black skirt over tights underneath. A smile flashed as she wore black shades and a white onyx Lululemon belt bag all over.

Mendes sported a similar look, complete with black shorts and a black Nike tank top. He was also carrying a black backpack while wearing black Ray-Ban sunglasses. While it’s unclear where they’re headed, that likely includes packing some PDAs.

Earlier this week, the singers — who dated for two years before splitting in November 2021 — were seen holding hands during another outing in the Big Apple. Earlier this month, they were in LA in a sultry mood and held each other while on their way to a show at the Hollywood Improv.

Last month, Mendes and Cabello made headlines when they were spotted hanging out with friends at Coachella, where they also shared a steamy kiss. A source later told ET that, “Shawn and Camila are not officially back together, but they are enjoying each other’s company and seeing where things go.”

What’s more, that Coachella kiss wasn’t the first time they met. A source also told ET that they actually spent time together before getting everyone’s attention at a music festival in the California desert.

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