Candid assessment of the 49ers 2023 draft class

The San Francisco 49ers added nine players to their roster during the NFL Draft. According to several publications, their combined picks were the worst in the league.

هذا ليس مفاجئًا. After all, they had no choice until the end of the third round due to their previous use in their first and second round choices in Trey Lance and Christian McCaffrey deals. San Francisco also used a choice on Kicker, which never fits with draft values.

Here’s a look at each of the 49ers’ picks and why the team made the selection.

87th pick: Geyer Brown, Safety, Penn State

كان هذا اختيارًا رائعًا. San Francisco used three choices to seize everything safely from Pennsylvania, and send 102, 164 and 222 to Minnesota Vikings.

The 49ers showed a lot of interest in the Browns during the pre-draft process.

Brown shows his ability to play plays all over the stadium, regardless of whether he is lined in the depth, in the square or in the opening. Over the past two seasons he has recorded ten interceptions for the Nittany Lions.

With San Francisco returning to the integrity of safety in the beginning, Tishon Gibson and Talanoa Hofanga, Brown is likely to play as a key player in the private teams during the novice season. However, don’t be surprised to see him enter the field more often. During the beginners season in Huffanga in 2021, 49ers found a way to get their young safety in the field often with Jimmie Ward and Jaquiski Tartt.

Pick 99: Jake Moody, kicker, Michigan

This choice left many people asking about the decision -making process at 49, but it seems clear. San Francisco needed to go to the draft and get the best available in this draft category.

There were many other teams targeting Kicker, including New England Patriciots who were not satisfied with only one formulation at a later time, but they also used another choice so that they could circulate to accomplish it.

The 49 players out of 22 players will return from the NFC Championship match. During the free assignment, they added the best defensive tackle available and improved their coverage in the slot.

Moody will be the only start of 2023 from this draft class and provides a solid option for the 49ers for years to come.

ملاحظة أخيرة على هذا. Unless the 49ers’ next target was wide receiver Tre Tucker, every player in the draft was still available to them upon their next selection.

Pick 101: Cameron Lato, Tait End, Alabama

The narrow final position was one of the 49 people who needed to treat it, but taking Lau at 101 looked like an arrival. However, there was a race at the end of the second round and before that in the third round. That makes it questionable whether Latu will drop to the 49ers at the next pick at 155. The answer is probably not considering that the Tennessee Titans selected Josh Whyle at 147.

The goal here was to upgrade a tight end room that had been unproductive outside of George Keitel. Charlie Warner is struggling to pick up the ball, as he dropped both goals in 2022, and although Ross Doyi has great hands, he suffers from repelling it.

In Latu, 49 -year -old players get a player with a collective production similar to Citel, who hopes to be the apparent heir.

Pick 155: Darrell Lutter Jr., cornerback, South Alabama

The choice of Lux makes three consecutive drafts of 49ers have returned back in the fifth round.

Luter fits what the 49ers are looking for in a cornerback. He excels at press coverage and does a good job of contesting the point of capture. Last season, he forced ten incompletes on 65 goals.

During three seasons in southern Alabama, Lux allowed only 45 percent of passes that came on his way while only allowed three declines and came out with four objections.

Look for Luter to compete with Ambry Thomas and Samuel Womack for a spot at the end of the San Francisco roster. If he pulls through, Luter will also be considered to play on special teams.

Pick 173: Robert Bell Jr., Edge, Georgia

Beal is fast, he ran a 4.48 40 during the combine, but he’s more than just a fast rider. The former Bulldog also holds up well against racing.

According to John Lynch, Georgia coach Kirby Smart told the 49ers “Somebody’s going to get a really gifted, gifted player if they let this guy (Bell) hunt for QBs and pitch the edges.” This is exactly how the 49ers require defensive ends to play in their scheme.

Beal Jr. He is a rotational piece at Georgia and will be fighting for a spot in the back of the 49ers rotation with recent free agent addition Austin Bryant. His speed and ability to play in the open field also make him a strong candidate for a special teams play.

Winters is an explosive player as evidenced by his 4.49 40 in the combine. His 1.56 10-yard split shows his burst, almost identical to the number posted by Christian McCaffrey.

Similar to Dre Greenlaw in size, Winters recorded 79 tackles including 14.5 for loss last season. His 7.5 sacks seem to make him a perfect fit for the dazzling style of freshman 49ers defensive coordinator Steve Wilkes.

Winters will compete for a spot on the Roster 49 with Demetrius Flanigan Fowles and Marcelino McRae-Poole.

Pick 247: Brayden Willis, Tait End, Oklahoma

Willis struggled at times in college as an inline hurdler. Sooner’s past drafts are more than the H Back in the 49ers system.

“He can play tight end, play some linebacker,” Lynch said when asked what the 49ers saw in Willis. “He’s a great go-getter and made a lot of big plays for Oklahoma. He’s an ex-quarterback and a real smart, cerebral kid. You can put a lot on him. When he was still there it made sense to us.”

Like Latue, Willis has a chance to push for a spot in the 49ers’ tight end room if he can outrun Woerner or Dwelley. If he fails, Willis will likely be a prime candidate for the coaching staff.

Pick 253: Ronnie Bell, Receiver Wide, Michigan

Michigan receiver John Lynch described him as “a physically strong, courageous player with the ball in his hands. He made a lot of big plays in the big moments.”

San Francisco showed great interest in Bell throughout the draft process. Last year, he had 62 passes for 889 yards and four touchdowns. He also showed prowess as a runner and punt returner.

It looks like the 49ers’ top five receivers have been set. Bell will compete with Ty Martin, Willie Snead and others for the last wide receiver spot.

Pick 255: John Graham, Linebacker, Purdue

Torn between Graham and Dee Winters at the 216th pick, the 49ers chose Winters in the end. When Graham was still available at that spot, San Francisco made the decision to take the linebacker rather than lose him to free agency after the draft.

Graham played a greater role at safety in the Purdue system, something the 49ers have succeeded in the past in Fred Warner and Demetrius Flannigan-Fowles.

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