Chelsea ‘plotting’ ‘extremely difficult’ Wesley Fofana move

The rumor mill’s absolutely loving Chelsea’s apparent scramble mode approach to current affairs, with the Blues looking high and low for targets to target and plots to plot and considerations to consider and weights to weigh up.

The Mega Millions lottery in the United States is up to a near-record $1 billion (that’s “B”-illion), so we’re all into spinning the wheel and see what falls out next.

And here we go … spin spin spin … aaaand, Wesley Fofana! Huzzah!

Fofana’s a familiar name to Chelsea rumor aficionados, with the 21-year-old linked repeatedly in the last couple years. Last summer, those links abruptly ruptured when he suffered a broken leg in a preseason match, while two summers ago he chose to join Leicester City when making his big move from AS Saint-Étienne. He signed a new five-year deal with the Foxes in the spring, which should’ve secured his long-term future, but as per the Mail, we’re now “considering testing” that assumption.

While he missed almost all of last season with the aforementioned injury, Fofana had an excellent debut campaign in 2020-21 and certainly looks like the real deal. Of course, any “plotting” and “testing” of “Leicester City’s resolve” that we might do would have to be commensurate with all that, i.e. £70m, if not more. “Extremely difficult”, indeed.


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