Club for Growth unveils new anti-Trump ad

The Club for Growth, a prominent conservative advocacy group, unveiled a new ad Thursday attacking former President Trump over his Social Security plan.

“Trump’s Social Security Plan is not a swing practice,” the ad says, along with footage of Trump golfing. “His plan, like Joe Biden’s, would have subjected club seniors to automatic benefit cuts, by 23 percent in 10 years or less, putting your retirement in a sticky situation.”

The ad continues: “With Donald Trump, it’s par for the course.” Another plan that cheats people out of what they earn, people who worked for it but didn’t get it, is if Trump’s plan dumps 23 percent of their savings. Tell Donald Trump, stop cheating on old people.”

The golf-themed ad, released ahead of the LIV Golf Club tournament at Trump National Golf Club in Washington, D.C., this weekend, takes aim at the former president’s demand that “under no circumstances should Republicans vote to cut a penny from Medicare.” .or Social Security.”

Biden also pledged to “protect Social Security and Medicare without change.”

The Social Security trust fund is set to be depleted by 2033, at which time beneficiaries could see their benefits drop by about 23 percent, according to a recent estimate from the Board of Trustees for Social Security and Medicare.

Conservative groups have cited this in calls to reform benefits programs before they go bankrupt.

“Biden-Trump’s position may sound like he pledged to protect Social Security, but it isn’t,” said Growth Club President David McIntosh in an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal. The law “without any change” requires a significant reduction in benefits within 10 years.

Biden has proposed raising taxes on the wealthy to help support benefits programs, a position popular with the left of his party but widely rejected by Republicans.

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