Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Issues Apology for Using Derogatory Slur

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones apologized after making an offensive comment while sharing a tribute to honor the late Dallas scouting director, Larry Lacewell.

Jones was honoring Lacewell and more than 10 former Cowboys players, coaches, employees and partners who recently died as the franchise held its first full day of training camp with veteran players at Marriott Residence Inn in Oxnard, Calif., on Tuesday.

Lacewell, who died in May at the age of 85, was a Cowboys college and pro scout from 1991 to ‘04. Jones and several Dallas employees attended a service to commemorate Lacewell’s life at Arkansas State. Lacewell, despite being much shorter than six feet tall, was always a popular face on the field for Cowboys’ practices. When attempting to give a tribute to Lacewell, Jones used the “m-word”.

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