Does Memphis Grizzlies’ ‘Whoop That Trick’ anthem trivialize violence?

Does Memphis Grizzlies’ ‘Whoop That Trick’ anthem trivialize violence?

Morality court is now in session. All rise for the semi-honorable judge Fluster N. Bluster.

First on the dock: The Memphis Grizzlies and their fans. Charged with trivializing violence.

This court finds the defendants guilty as charged. The honorable me will not be gavel-rapping, however, because it’s too much like the tomahawk chop.

Oh, you want an explanation of the court’s verdict? Here goes.

The Grizzlies and their fans, and team management, have adopted “Whoop that trick” as their rally cry. It’s from a rap song by Al Kapone, created for the 2005 movie “Hustle & Flow,” which was filmed in Memphis.

In that movie, which the court has not seen, the main character, played by Terrence Howard, is a pimp attempting to become a rapper. One of his artistic creations is “Whoop That Trick,” which in the movie is originally titled “Beat That B—” (per the website PopMatters). “Trick” can refer to a prostitute’s customer, or to any person with no swagger, ie: a patsy.

This court is not passing judgment on the movie. The last movie this court saw was “The Graduate.”

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