Faster wireless charging for iPhone 15 without limits likely powered by Qi2

A new rumor surfaced yesterday claiming that the iPhone 15 will unlock fast wireless charging speeds for all 15W Qi chargers. Now a new report offers a possible explanation for how this works.

According to ChargerLAB, Apple will start supporting the new Qi2 wireless charging standard starting with the iPhone 15 line.

Apple has supported the Qi wireless charging standard since 2017 with the introduction of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Starting with the iPhone 12, Apple introduced its MagSafe technology for more efficient wireless charging. Since then, Qi and MagSafe have co-existed, but 15W fast charging was limited to MagSafe certified chargers.

Qi2 is the next evolution of industry standard wireless charging, and Apple’s MagSafe technology just happens to be the foundation for the next generation of Qi. MagSafe uses magnets to properly align the magnetic charging coils to ensure the most efficient wireless charging experience.

ChargerLAB adds that there is potential for Qi2 to exceed the iPhone’s current 15W wireless charging speed limit, though Apple has been somewhat conservative about managing wireless charging speed performance.

For wireless charger makers, Qi2 certification would be more cost-effective than MagSafe through Apple’s MFi (Made for iPhone) program. That’s because the devices required to be MFi certified run about $16 per charger, ChargerLAB explains. Less expensive hardware should translate to less expensive wireless chargers.

Overall, Apple’s involvement in wireless charging and the Qi standard has become a win for the wireless charging industry as a whole. Even with MagSafe being a more expensive technology, Apple’s contribution to Qi2 drives the industry forward for all smartphones and wireless charging accessories. Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 15 line later this year in September.

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