Fox News employees are paralyzed with fear, says Seth Meyers

America is still reeling from the news that Tucker Carlson has been abruptly ousted from Fox News, the network he ruled (in ratings terms) for six years. As millions of people, including Seth Meyers, watch the necktie junkie get fired with amusement, Carlson’s former colleagues are said to not be taking the news well — and fear for their jobs.

On Monday night, Myers reported that “a dangerous sense of panic and fear appeared to have set in on Fox News.” Refer to a Rolling Stone Article, and in late Time of night The host says that many of the network’s other big names/mouths are “publicly worried about being fired.”

The article went on to explain that “the administration is in the process of searching for the leakers, and the leakers themselves evade the ‘snitch’ by putting fake names on their phones to hide incoming calls from reporters.” truly Made Myers laugh.

“Oh My Food—fake names are so much fun,” said Myers, then did his best to see what kind of underhand trick Fox’s top reporters might be playing. Brian Kilmedy definitely He has a reporter listed on his phone as Santa Claus,” Myers believes, adding that it “will definitely backfire on him when this person calls and he’ll think In reality Santa Clause. “Oh good, good, you got my message! Well, I want to change PlayStation to Xbox and also, I’m not in Funko Pops anymore.”

While Kilmeade has awkwardly proven he can’t question even half the audience who Tucker was when he filled in for his murdered co-star last week, he’s far from the only familiar Fox character currently feeling the heat. Myers added that Maria Bartiromo and Jeanine Pirro are said to mind their PS and Q matters for fear of it becoming instantly irrelevant.

“It’s like a horror movie,” Myers said. Except for this movie, the ax killer is a 92-year-old Australian man. Instead of chasing down his victims, he makes them come to him.”

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