German Marquis will undergo Tommy John surgery

Rocky right German Marquis It will require Tommy John surgery, he told reporters, incl Daniel Allentock from the Denver Gazette.

Needless to say, it’s very unfortunate news for both the pitcher and the team. Márquez has been the club’s MVP in recent years, posting a 4.41 ERA in 1,016 career innings pitched. Since he plays his home games at hitter haven Coors Field, it’s fair to assume that his ERA doesn’t really reflect his skill level. Perhaps the 4.02 FIP and 3.96 SIERA provide a better indication of the level of production it has achieved so far.

This year, he made just three starts before landing on the list with a forearm strain, although an MRI revealed no structural damage and he’s back with the club after a short absence. However, in his first outing outside of IL, he walked out after 3 2/3 innings in apparent distress. The update after the match was the damage to his triceps and not his elbow, which seemed encouraging. But when he was sent back to IL two days later, he worried that Tommy John surgery would eventually be required, which now appears to be paying off.

Losing a club to its best player is bad news at any time, but it’s especially tough for a Colorado club that started at a 9-20 start this year. Few observers were expecting them to compete this year and they seem to be progressing as expected. Not only would Márquez’s absence diminish their chances of returning to the playoff race, it would also deprive the club of their best commercial candidate for the summer.

Back in 2019, the Rockies and Márquez agreed to a $43 million contract extension through 2023, though there is a $16 million club option for 2024 with a $2.5 million buyout. The Rockies are notoriously reticent about transferring their players even when it makes sense to do so, but they will likely at least consider a Marquez deal this summer, given the challenges they would face turning a struggling team into a contender during his tenure. control window.

Given the standard 14-18 months recovery period required after TJS, Marquez will be out of action for the rest of this season and at least the first half of 2024 as well. That makes it more likely that the Rockies will take the $2.5 million buyout rather than the $16 million option next year, which would send Marquis to the open market, though the two sides could also work out another extension if they wish. If he ends up a free agent this winter, he’ll be looking to market himself while he’s still in recovery and won’t be immediately available.

For now, the Rocky Mountains will have to turn their attention to getting over this year. Marquez is already on the injured list, along with players like rookies Antonio CinzatellaAnd Noah Davis And Ryan Rollison. Senzatela has been at IL all season after tearing his anterior cruciate ligament last year but appears to be closing in on a comeback. Patrick Saunders from The Denver Post Relays that right is in the clubhouse and is likely to be reactivated and kick off the game this weekend.

will join Kyle VreelandAnd Austin Jumper And Ryan Feltner in rotation, which would still leave the club shorthanded. Conor Siebold He threw 67 pitches in a long walk on Saturday and might even take a turn. Peter Lambert He is on the 40-man roster, but hasn’t thrown more than three innings in any minor league starts so far this year.

Maybe Davis could return sooner rather than later, he says Saunders That he will encourage him through his tests and he doesn’t think it’s a big injury. But there is still no firm timeline and he would not be eligible to return to office for a few weeks even if the problem was minor.

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