Gmail adds a blue Verified checkmark for businesses

Gmail will start showing a familiar-looking blue checkmark next to the sender’s name to verify the sender’s identity. In a blog post, Google says the feature is supposed to help users tell if an email they’ve received is from a legitimate or fraudulent source.

As shown in the image provided by Google, hovering over the check mark indicates that “the sender of this email has verified” that they own the domain and profile picture they are using to send the email. Google notes that email authentication can help users and security systems “identify and stop spam” while also allowing senders to “boost their brand trust.”

Google adding a more visible check mark could help users quickly identify legitimate senders, especially if they don’t know what the BIMI approved logo included in an email means or if it’s legitimate. It tracks Google’s recent change to replace the lock icon that appears in Chrome’s address bar with a “tuner” icon, indicating that the website is using the more secure HTTPS protocol, but hopefully not causing visitors to assume it must be a legitimate site.

Gmail is rolling out verified checkmarks starting today across Workspace accounts and personal Google accounts, so you may start seeing blue checkmarks infesting your emails very soon.

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