Google Nest cameras and thermostats now work with the Abode home security system, again

Long term Abode users will notice that some of these features aren’t all that new. They used to be able to control the position of the Nest Thermostat in their security system—and more—before Google famously disabled Works With Nest (WWN) in 2019. (Some of the older connections still work, but they’ll be shut down completely.) Sept.) Also in 2019, Google announced Google Nest hardware access software to replace WWN. Now, nearly four years later, we’re finally seeing companies using the software, thanks to the recent availability of a new API.

Christopher Carney, CEO and founder of Abode Systems, tells SELF the edge. “We worked with Google to update the original Works With Nest software, which was very popular with Abode users.”

The Google Nest Device Access program allows “eligible” smart home device makers to integrate Google Nest cameras and thermostats directly with their products and, according to Google, offers better privacy and protection than Works With Nest. Abode integration works with all Google Nest Thermostats, Nest Cams, Doorbells (old and new), and the Google Nest Hub Max. You can see a full list of supported devices here.

“The reconsolidation will provide customers with a seamless and convenient way to manage their home security, climate control, and video surveillance, not to mention routines and automation, all in one place,” said Carney. Operators such as temperature or humidity for a thermostat, person, motion, and voice detection from Google Nest cameras can be used for automation with Abode’s CUE automation system. This requires the Residence plan – Standard at $7 per month or Pro at $23 per month. The Pro plan includes professional monitoring, so if Google Camera detects motion when the system is armed, the monitoring service may receive an alert alert.

Screenshots of the Nest Doorbell will now display in the Abode app thanks to the new integration.
Photo by Jennifer Pattison Twohy/The Verge

There are limitations to the integration—Google will only allow the Abode system to capture recorded video from the Nest Doorbell; All other Nest Cams provide Live View. It’s also worth noting that to view any recorded or live video in the Abode app, you need the standard Abode plan.

You can also control the Abode alarm system directly from the Google Home app using Google Assistant integration, and the Abode isn’t the only option for an integrated Google Nest security system. ADT’s self-setup system recently announced similar integrations with all of Google’s products, and we’ll likely see more smart home companies add it now that the API is available.

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