Google TV is getting better performance thanks to the latest update

Even the best Google TV streaming devices could use some improvement, and fortunately, Google provides a steady stream of updates to its platform and hardware, making it one of the best media streamers out there right now. With its latest update now rolling out, Google intends to offer users a smoother experience by increasing the performance of devices, while also freeing up storage space.

Google announced the update through its Google TV support page, revealing changes that will improve users’ experience in the future. One of the most important tweaks that comes with this update is to free up space on devices by optimizing and reducing app sizes. The company offers an app hibernation feature that will automatically force apps to hibernate if they are not used for more than 30 days.

This hibernation feature was first introduced in Android 12, giving users the freedom to free up storage space without deleting the app from the device. The feature is able to achieve this by forcibly stopping the app as well as clearing any temporary files, which optimizes storage space and prioritizes it over performance. The great part about this is that the app can still be accessed, and removed from hibernation when you use it.

In addition to the aforementioned changes, Google is using Android App Bundles, which the support page says will reduce Google TV apps by up to 25%. Google states that these improvements are already rolling out to devices running Android 12 or higher.

If all of that wasn’t enough, there are also some additional optimizations being thrown in that make the experience feel even faster than before. With the update, the wake-up time has now been reduced, along with the boot sequence, and the remote controls should feel more responsive too.

These kinds of features aren’t vital when running apps on some of the best Android smartphones and devices, but if you’re on a product with little storage like Google TV, every little bit counts and improvements like this can be a godsend. So be sure to check your Settings menu and update your Google TV to really feel the difference.

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