GTA Online: The Criminal Enterprises – How to get the IAA badge on any outfit

Grand Theft Auto Online: The Criminal Enterprises update has now released, with the missions being heavily focused on being IAA agents. One thing Rockstar wont let us wear are the IAA outfits in free mode. Of course there is a glitch so you can wear them in free mode, here is how to achieve it. (credit to GTAGFX aswell)

1. Load up the first ULP ‘intelligence mission’

Go to the IAA building and load up the first mission from ULP, named ‘Intelligence (Agent ULP). Just go through the mission settings and press play as normal

2. Load up your interaction menu

next, choose an outfit, choose any of them as after this glitch has worked then you’ll be able to put the badge on any clothing

Once you’ve selected your outfit and the mission has started, go to the interaction Menu, go to style, then to player mood and hold right on the D-Pad for around 30 seconds

When holding the D-pad down for around 30 second, then press start and select home so you’re back on your console dashboard, stay on the dashboard for at least 3 minutes so it kicks you from the game.

Once you’ve been kicked from the game just continue and let it find a new session for you

3. Add it to an outfit

When you load in, it should be on your outfit, go to your outfits and save it just in case it ever disappears

You can then add it to any clothing from the clothes store.

Credit goes to GTAGFX

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