GTA The Criminal Enterprises – New vehicles, prices & features leaked

today on GTA Forumscommunity member WildBrick142 has revealed new information regarding the new Grand Theft Auto online update that will be dropping tomorrow.

18 new vehicles will be released, some of them being part of drip-fed content over the coming weeks, with 4 of them being Benny Vehicles.

The Placeholder names for the 14 new cars are the corsita, conada, draugur, greenwoodkanjosj, lm87, omnisegt, postlude, rhinehart, ruiner4, sm722, recourse, torero2 and the vigero2.

The Placeholder names for the Benny vehicles are briososentinel classic, recourseand the weevil.

Wildbrick142 confirmed Iman Tech will be coming to bother the greenwood and the omnisegt.

PC players wont be receiving the E&E or Hao’s Special Works vehicles, in the update players will be able to call Tony Prince (Gay tony) to get a ride in his Limo.

Events that will be added in GTA Online includes, Ammunition Deliveries, dealing with idiots and trouble makers at the nightclub and collecting dufflebags for your Clubhouse. Metal detectors will also be available.

We will be covering this update when it drops so stay tuned to RockstarINTEL for all the latest GTA Online news!

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