Halo Infinite’s Forge Mode Looks Incredible, And May Just Save The Game

Since Halo Infinite launched, there have not been all that many shining points of good news in its post-release era, where it has struggled to both effectively craft a live service multiplayer game, and retain a playerbase who drifted away back to other existing shooters in relatively short order. But one upcoming, long-awaited feature could end up changing the game.

Forge mode.

Forge mode is the customizable level/game mode designer that we’ve seen across a host of past Halo games, and while it didn’t launch with Halo Infinite, it will be heading into beta relatively soon. Technically it’s not supposed to be showcased yet but the “leaks” of Forge mode have turned into a flood, and they all reveal the same narrative: It’s a pretty incredible addition to the game, and through player creativity, if embraced properly by 343, could be the thing that turns around the overall fate of Halo Infinite, and helps allow it become the Halo “platform” that was promised for the next generation.

343 has put an absolutely tremendous amount of work and detailed, creative customization into this version of the Forge mode. Here’s some of the things we’ve seen from it so far in these incredibly early stages:

Among the features in here we have the ability to do weather effects, item scaling, linking together objects, combining weapons together into new variants, truly a wild amount of stuff that can be done within the confines of the mode, and…there really aren’t ‘t that many confines. The community is already producing some incredible stuff, and at baseline, we will see probably every old Halo multiplayer map recreated in the mode, in addition to all the new wild things that get invented through Forge.

Of course, there is a gap between a Forge mode in Halo Infinite that can do a lot of cool things, and 343 actually knowing what to do with that, and how to make it help the game. If 343 was smart, they would be working directly with top Forge creators to ensure their best creations are prominently featured and attracting players back to the game. All the cool YouTube videos and Twitter clips in the world won’t mean much if they can’t get the larger population back and actually playing this stuff. And it’s on 343 to figure out ways to make that happen.

We will see what happens when all of this launches to the public in the live game, and how it’s both handled on 343’s end, and received by the public. But for as much criticism as 343 has gotten for elements of Infinite, it’s become very clear they have knocked Forge mode out of the park.

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