History says New York Yankees are World Series bound

History says New York Yankees are World Series bound

History says New York Yankees are World Series bound

A few weeks can make a major difference. That is certainly the case with the New York Yankees.

By all accounts, the offseason was a disaster. The Yankees ignored their pitching staff despite the obvious need for upgrades throughout. They were a flawed team without a center fielder, major question marks around the infield, and a manager that the entire fanbase wanted fired. The Yankees ignored the top free agents, settling for minor deals instead. In fact, their biggest deal allowed the Twins of all teams to sign the top free agent in Carlos Correa.

New York Yankees may be headed to World Series

Despite those question marks, the Yankees find themselves with a 22-8 record after 30 games. This is the ninth time in franchise history that they have won at least 22 games in their first 30 contests. Amazingly, in every other one of those seasons, they have found their way to the World Series.

That does not necessarily mean that the Yankees will win the championship. They have lost the World Series once in those other eight seasons, failing to bring home the title in 2003. The first time that the Yankees won at least 22 of their first 30 games was in 1923, which was the first time they won the World Series.

Obviously, there’s a lot of baseball to be played. Pennants are not won in April and May. The Yankees are in a tough division and will face a lot of competition to get to the World Series. However, if history is any indication, the Yankees should be making plans for baseball to be at Yankee Stadium deep into October this year.

The New York Yankees won 22 of their first 30 games for the ninth time in franchise history. If the past is any hint, they will be in the World Series.

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