Honkai Star Rail player grinds 65 hours a week to prove you can actually get 300 free withdrawals

One Honkai Star Rail The player has done their best to squeeze the last Stellar Jade and gacha Pass out of the launch build, earning just under 300 resources per week.

Insomniac GA Mill Gotruto (Opens in a new tab) I shared their findings in a recent Reddit post, and reached out to them to talk through their methods and get an update on their progress. As of today, at Trailblaze level 38, they say they’ve managed to get 150 special passes and 144 normal passes (counting the extra 10 passes you get from the Departure Warp novice banner). They do note that they have purchased the game login and battle passes so they are not free to play themselves, but these additions only contributed to a few withdrawals which did not affect their F2P accounts.

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