Honkai Star Rail: Serval Building Guide

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Serval is Belobog’s resident rock star who can whip up a storm with her literal electric guitar. in Honkai Star RailShe drops lightning bolts on her enemies in order to deal massive AOE damage, making her an essential member of the Astral Express and their growing list of Trailblazers.

Like other characters, Serval has a unique set of strengths and weaknesses. Knowing how to build it around them is key to unlocking its true potential. However, with the myriad of options available to gamers in Honkai Star RailFinding the right combination of stats and effects for Serval can be confusing. Here’s a guide to help shed some light on this topic.

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Serval excels as a damage-dealing AOE DPS with both direct attacks and stun runs. It stands across from someone like Dan Heng, who specializes in large bursts of single target damage. With this in mind, players will want to have as many impact hit rate and attack percentage stats as possible, so Serval can do its job more effectively.

  • Basic Statistics Priorities: impact hit rate, attack % hit rate, speed,
  • Planar decoration stats priorities: Lightning damage%, attack%
  • Effects groups: Band of Sizzling Thunder (4PC), Space Seal Station (2PC)
  • Light cones: Night on the Milky Way (5 stars), The Seriousness of Breakfast (4 stars), Sagacity (3 stars)

Much of Serval’s damage comes from the stuns she inflicts with her skills, Lightning Flash, and the bonus strikes she applies when she attacks a gruesome target. Its ending, here comes Mechanical Fever, deals stun damage to every enemy on the field while simultaneously extending the duration of any active shock effect. this being said, attacks% takes priority Strike stats Since DoT effects such as shock cannot hit critically.

Lightning Flash contains a file basic shock chance 80%, And players can easily reach 100% once they get Serval to Ascension 2. However, keep in mind that an enemy’s RES effect may prevent it from registering Shock operations all the time. Feel free to swap out some of the stats for an extra hit rate of effect to make up for it.

As for the Light Cones, they can make good use of anything that hits their damage. eloquence It’s a great early choice since you should always use Serval whenever available, but options like Serious breakfast It could be more reliable. In addition, the base stats of higher-level light cones will always be higher than those of 3-stars.

Serval tracking settlement priority

Serval in front of its workshop on Honkai Star Rail

Prioritize leveling the following abilities and properties when building Serval:

  • Lightning Flash (Skill)
  • Galvanic chords (talent)
  • Rock and roll (bonus ability – unlock as quickly as possible)
  • Here Comes the (Ultimate) Mechanical Fever
  • Basic attack

This leveling command raises Serval’s high base shock rate. Following this commitment means using them as a shock application tool instead of the Nuker AOE. For the rest of its effects, focus on obtaining impact hit rate The rewards first and the knock rate ones for later.

By the way, this construction and leveling order will also make Serval a good partner for Kafka Once it becomes available in the game. The former applies DoT stacks while the latter detonates them. More synergies may become available once the game receives more updates.

There are no Eidolon bonuses It was considered in this version, but players can expect to get more miles from this setup if they get more gacha copies of it.

Honkai: Star Realm Now available on Android, iOS and PC. PlayStation version is in development.

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