Horrifying Stray Mod Turns The Cat Into GTA’s CJ

Stray has only been out for a few days, and already PC modders are experimenting with the game by adding their own feline companions to it. And then there’s a mod that replaces the lost ginger wanderer with a version of CJ from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas that’s pure nightmare fuel. That’s one way to reskin a cat.

His body contorted and forced to trot around on all fours, CJ’s inclusion by Sirgalahad172 is intended to be a joke, but in this and any other reality, it’s a haunting reminder that no game is safe from the specter of CJ. “This mod is intended as a joke as CJ needs to be modded into any game that exists,” Sirgalahad172 wrote in the cursed texts of the mod page.

If you’d prefer something much less horrifying, Nexus Mods has a number of other more wholesome modifications that can be applied. Calico, Siamese, and tuxedo cat skins are available, as are a number of other cosmetic changes based on actual cats who live rent-free with their modders.

You can even apply a Garfield skin to the little stray, which kind of works in a weird way. Just don’t use it on a Monday.

If you haven’t tried it out yet, Stray is worth picking up as it happens to be a hit with people, real cats, and even dogs. PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium subscribers get Stray included with their subscription, and GameSpot’s Stray review called the game “a consistently satisfying adventure with a charming story about companionship that rarely misses a beat across its well-paced runtime.”

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