Hot starts for Amaré Barno, quarterbacks

— Speaking of solid starts, quarterback Baker Mayfield looked good in his first since coming to Carolina.

He led a 13-play field goal drive to open the game, converting three third downs along the way. He also had a chance at a big play, before his deep ball to Robbie Anderson was broken up in the end zone.

That was the extent of Mayfield’s work, and Sam Darnold came in after the first turnover and got the Panthers in the end zone with a nice pass to Rashard Higgins for an 8-yard score.

Darnold got a second possession, but it was a quick three-and-out.

It was almost the inverse of early camp practices, when Darnold was the steadier of the two and Mayfield had the highlight throws, but it was a solid outing for both.

PJ Walker came in late in the second quarter and made a few plays of his own, before Matt Corral finished up the game.

All four quarterbacks all led scoring drives, which is what you hope for in the preseason. Corral was a little spotty while behind the final iteration of the offensive line, and with a group of untested receivers. His first completion to Keith Kirkwood was a nice one, but Kirkwood took a hard shot later when Corral led him over the middle.

Corral caught a few breaks with penalty flags late to salvage a spotty first appearance, and moved the Panthers into range for a game-winning field goal, making the best of a difficult situation.

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