How the 49ers Draft Pick Impressed Ronnie Bell John Lynch Kyle Shanahan

SANTA CLARA – The 49ers already had a strong group of receivers on their roster, but Michigan wide receiver Ronnie Bell had general manager John Lynch and coach Kyle Shanahan think he would be a worthwhile addition.

After the 2023 NFL Draft wrapped up on Saturday, Lynch and Shanahan spelled out what was so compelling about the seventh round, 253rd overall.

“How consistent with a football player,” said Shanahan. “A special team player and a good returner. He really did everything they asked for. He was so good in his ways. There wasn’t one thing he struggled with.”

Bell will join Brandon Ayuk, who led the team in receiving yards during the 2022 NFL season, and All-Pro “wide linebacker” Deebo Samuel – the one-punching 49ers receiver. As Wolverine learns the ins and outs of Shanahan’s attack, he will compete with and learn from Ray-Ray McCloud in the return match.

“Being able to come back is a big thing,” said Lynch. “We had Ray-Ray, and behind Ray-Ray we didn’t really have anybody. BA had done it before, but we wanted another return. Really, he just made it on those traits. He’s a guy, the more we watch him, the more we like him.” He did it at the right times, too.”

Bell also impressed the 49ers by being a two-year team captain and leading Michigan in receiving yards in three of the past four seasons. In 2021, Bell suffered a season-ending ACL injury, limiting his stats to one catch for 76 yards before redshirting for the remainder of the year.

Now Bale feels stronger and fully recovered, and is ready to prove he has what it takes to make it in the NFL. Both Lynch and Shanahan believe that the up-and-coming player has the potential to be an influential player at the club.

“I don’t think he’s the biggest package,” said Lynch, “but a tough, physical and brave player with the ball in his hands.” “He made a lot of big plays at key moments.”

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Shanahan, who may be tougher on receivers than any other position, will test the best of Bell’s abilities, but the coach already believes the young addition has a lot of potential to be a next-level producer.

“When you can put him in a group, whatever his skill set, I think he can fit into any position,” Shanahan said. “He seemed like one of the most reliable players we’ve ever seen in college football.

“We want players to be good over time, and I feel he’s a guy who was as good a footballer as he was in college. We’ll have to see how he adapts at that level, but if he can play at that level the way he did in college, we’ll have a player.” Really good football.”

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