I toured in a tiny bikini

A former teacher turned model shared her mini bikini collection on YouTube, which left viewers awestruck.

Courtney Telia was a teacher at a special needs high school in Arizona before changing jobs to earn four times her teaching salary.

Kourtney posted a large amount of her skinny swimsuit on YouTubeCredit: TikTok/courtneytillia
Her favorite mini bikini was basically knitted with “fishing line”Credit: TikTok/courtneytillia

The online creator posted a bikini set on her YouTube channel @courtney.tillia that showed how dangerous mini bikinis can be.

In the video, Kourtney tries on four different types of bikinis.

On TikTok, she said the latter was just “some fabric and fishing line.”

“Babe is the one who takes Mirco to a whole new level,” one TikTok user commented on the clip.

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Kourtney showed off the so-called bikini, which had a small piece of black fabric at the bottom and two pieces of the same size for a bra.

The material is attacked by some sheer threads which are barely visible when wearing a bikini.

“I’m not going to lie, it took me a second to get over this,” said the mother-of-four.

She added: “These little pieces of fabric that were basically held together with some fishing line, it took a second to figure it out.

“But, it’s worth it because it’s so hot. It’s probably my favorite — the youngest, of course.”

An onlooker told her, “The only place in the good old USA you can dress up is South Beach in Miami.”

A popular nude beach can be found on the stretch of Miami Beach between Bal Harbor and Sunny Isles Beach, according to the Miami Travel & Tourism website.

Others praised Courtney’s character, saying, “You look great.”

Another wrote: “Your body is made for a tiny bikini.”

The 36-year-old wore one of the tiny bikinis from the video to the Sapphire Day Club in Nevada for an exclusive pool party.

She posted a video of herself in a skimpy swimsuit on Instagram while holding a watermelon drink.

One fan asked her, “Have you ever thought about starting a bikini brand? I’ll be your first customer.”

Others posted rows of flames emojis.

Kourtney regularly posts videos of herself working hard in the gym to keep herself in great shape.

On Instagram, she shared a photo of herself doing biceps curls next to Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Due to TikTok guidelines, Kourtney was unable to post the revealing experience on the social media platformCredit: TikTok/courtneytillia

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