Japanese store bans adults from purchasing Pokemon cards

published: 2023-05-01 T20:19:48

updated: 2023-05-01 T20:20:12

A Japanese card store has restricted specific Pokémon card packs to schoolchildren only, preventing adults from purchasing them.

On April 19, The Pokemon Company International responded to the theft of hundreds of cards from the Sword & Shield Fusion Strike expansion in a Texas store. The company claimed that the theft affected the “safety” of the high-value cards. However, the thieves destroyed not only card stores in the United States, but also in Japan.

In January 2023, Japan experiences a series of robberies that lead to the theft of “tens of millions of yen” in Pokemon Cards. Now, a leading Japanese game store has banned adults from purchasing specific Pokemon cards.

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A Japanese store bans adults from a certain Pokémon card section

Pokemon TCG Fusion Strike Card Thief HeadTwitter: @SakurasCardShop

Hallelujah 2 – which is located in the Akihabara district of Tokyo – revealed that it will be dedicating a department store for middle school students and younger. on Twitter, the store announced that it would be limiting its Snow Hazard and Clay Burst packages to 10 per person per day. In addition, it will initiate an identity check to confirm the age of the purchaser.

On the first floor, Hareruya 2 continued to sell out packages each day. The new rule will also prohibit parents and guardians from purchasing Pokemon cards for their children.

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Twitter user Hidden lettuce He believes Hareruya 2’s restriction was justified. However, it wouldn’t stop adults from paying kids money to buy them Pokemon cards.

In an interview with Japanese news site Livedoor, store manager Sho Watanabe explained the decision.

“Many stores deplete their entire inventory (of Pokemon cards) as soon as they go on sale, and people who are active late at night or early in the morning always seem to buy (the cards),” Watanabe said.

“By allocating half of our stock to general customers, shops can continue to sell (cards) to students and young children. Selling (goods) to children not only pleases them, but also their parents. (We) feel that this method of sales enables us to satisfy the largest number of customers when items are in such a limited supply.”

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Would you pay a kid to buy you Pokemon cards? Maybe it depends on the rarity of the TCG pack.

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