‘Jeopardy!’ fans call out production for glaring Final Jeopardy! gape

‘Jeopardy!’ fans call out production for glaring Final Jeopardy! gape

has a long history of punishing contestants for small mistakes, but on Wednesday it was the show itself which made the mistake. Less than a week after contestant Sadie Goldberger was disqualified for an which seemed pretty legible to quite a few viewers, the show’s production team made a typo in the Final Jeopardy! clue.

The category was 19th Century Literature, and the clue was, “This author first thought of a parrot before choosing another bird ‘equally [sp] capable of speech.’”

As the iconic music rolled and contestants’ brains churned, several eagle-eyed viewers noticed that the word “equally” had an extra L.

Contestant Jeff Weinstock had no problem turning that extra L into a big W, as he correctly answered, “Who is Edgar Allan Poe?” He wagered $4,202 and finished with the highest total of $11,202. He also ended six-day champion Megan Wachspress impressive run.

Wachspress’s six wins automatically qualify her for the Tournament of Champions. So she will be back in November.

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