JP has the coolest win screen in Street Fighter 6, plus check out the critical art animations for Manon and Dee Jay

There’s been a lot of exciting Street Fighter 6 news in the past 10 days as last week’s presentation gave us new information about multiple modes, showed off Season 1 DLC, and gave audiences a demo that was hungry the moment it went live.

We hit the main points from the 30-minute presentation, but we went back recently and noticed some smaller but enticing tidbits that we felt people would definitely appreciate. These include full Critical Art animations for each of Manon’s and Dee Jay’s three level Super attacks as well as the coolest (in every sense of the term) winning animation in the game.

We’ve already seen Manon’s Level 3 superlative performance in one of the two developer showcases, but that’s not quite the same as Critical Art.

Each character has two level 3 super animations, one of which (Critical Art) only occurs when the user is below 25% health and deals slightly more damage than the other.

Capcom showed off Manon Critical Art after about 22 minutes into the show gracefully lifting a massive Zangief into ballet poses while cheerfully singing a few notes with. She decided the whole thing with a solid jab that would surely make the master of the SPD (spinning pile driver) proud.

Capcom has also used what we’re pretty sure is Dee Jay’s Critical Art as a quick transition from one section to the next. We haven’t seen any of DJ’s Level 3 hyper animation yet, but this causes background music to be left out, which seems to be a feature of most CAs in SF6.

The Jamaican musician starts the sequence with a huge lead that stuns his opponent. Then he snaps and fires it with a second uppercut so he can get into his trademark fast punching Machine Gun Upper maneuver.

The developers sprinkle in a bit of comedy here as DJ loses track of his opponent mid-match, announcing an “Uh-oh!” And he teleports to the place where he accidentally launched them. Back under them, Dee Jay finished off his top machine gun with a few more punches before giving one final push for good measure.

He lies in a relaxed position thumbs up to the camera while his defeated opponent collapses in the background.

Finally, we don’t know much about the mysterious and hostile JP yet, but we recently learned that he has the best game winning animation. Having just defeated Juri with some no-holds-barbed grating, the pristine businessman begins to walk towards his collapsing opposition and stays on her face with his foot for an uncomfortable second.

Just as we all begin to wonder if the latest Street Fighter game will look a bit like a Mortal Kombat entry, JP’s clean white slips off – just – behind KO’d Juri’s face and head and continues walking into the distance.

You can view all three of these sequences by going through the timestamps in the full presentation video below. Let us know which critical art and win sequence you liked the most in SF6 so far in the comments after watching.

21:42 – Manon’s Critical Art
24:25 – JP Win animation
26:53 – DJ Level 3

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