Kevin Durant’s hilarious Steve Kerr joke about Draymond’s Warriors-Bulls take

Amid trade rumors galore, Kevin Durant still has time to poke a little fun at his former coach Steve Kerr.

The Brooklyn Nets star on Monday chimed in on a tweet posted by his old Warriors teammate Draymond Green, which saw the four-time champion claim the two teams in the 1998 NBA Finals, the Chicago Bulls and Utah Jazz, would fall to Golden State’s 2017 squad.

In the hypothetical matchup with the ‘98 Bulls — one that Green said the ‘17 Warriors would win by 20 points — Durant joked that from a coaching standpoint, Kerr likely would point out his younger self as a defensive liability for Chicago.

Kerr, of course, was part of both the Bulls and Warriors dynasties, and was a role player with Chicago known for his incredible shooting skills.

But his defense, as Durant jokingly pointed out, wasn’t necessarily as elite — and certainly would face a challenge against Durant and Steph Curry on the ‘17 Warriors.

Green made his original claim in an effort to prove why he believes it’s foolish to compare different eras of basketball because the game today simply isn’t played the way it was back then.

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But Kerr, one of the best coaches in the game, would have a field day drawing up a game plan for his ‘17 Dubs to take on Michael Jordan. Whether or not he would view his former Bulls self as a threat remains to be seen, as he has yet to publicly respond to Durant’s lighthearted joke. 


And while the outcome of those dream-worthy contests will stay theoretical, it’s nice to see Durant remains on amicable terms with the team he won two Larry O’Brien trophies with.

But where the two-time Finals MVP will play next season is another question entirely.

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