Kickstart your app development career with this Google flutter training bundle

Kickstart your app development career with this Google flutter training bundle



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It’s hard to believe that smartphones have been with us for decades, yet we’re still finding new uses for them. As each new generation of hardware comes out, app developers stretch the frontiers of what it can do. Of course, it goes without saying that when apps catch on, their developers make a mint, and it could be easier than you think to join their ranks. If you’ve got an app idea, the next step is to learn the code, and that’s where the 2022 Google Flutter and Solidity Development Bundle can help.

When Google released Flutter in 2017, it was a watershed moment that widened the doors for the app market on all devices. This bundle can teach budding developers how to use Flutter along with other coding platforms, and it lets them build their own working apps from the ground up. The seven courses in this bundle are taught by experienced developers and online educators hailing from trusted e-learning communities like Oak Academy. So even if you’ve got no prior programming experience, they’ll have you testing out your apps within hours.

You can dive in anywhere, learning Flutter on its own or with other platforms like Firebase or React.js. That’s along with the classes on Dart, another essential language for developers. Some courses teach you how to make your own decentralized apps and NFTs with tools like Solidity, then sell them on the OpenSea marketplace.

All told, the 2022 Google Flutter & Solidity Development Bundle includes 40 hours of tutorials that you can learn from at your own pace. It’s all available for $39.99 or under $6 per course.

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