Lana Del Rey Discusses “Conversational” And “Angry” New Music

Lana Del Rey Discusses “Conversational” And “Angry” New Music

There has been no shortage of new Lana Del Rey music over the past year — she released two albums, Chemtrails Over The Country Club other Blue Banisters, in 2021 — and she’s still working on more. In a new W magazine feature, Del Rey talked to Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele about the kind of music that she’s making for her next album, which she described as “conversational” and “angry.”

“I’ve been practicing meditative automatic singing, where I don’t filter anything,” she said. “I’ll just sing whatever comes to mind into my Voice Notes app. It’s not perfect, obviously. There are pauses, and I stumble. But I’ve been sending those really raw-sounding files to a composer, Drew Erickson, and he’ll add an orchestra beneath the words, matching each syllable with music and adding reverb to my voice.”

“When I’m automatic singing, I don’t have the time and leisure to think about things in terms of colors,” she continued, referencing Michele’s original question about her tendency to use colors in her songwriting. “It’s very cerebral. In honeymoon, there were so many color references: ‘Sometimes I wake up in the morning to red, blue, and yellow skies. It’s so crazy I could drink it like tequila sunrise.’ For this new music, there’s none of that at all.”

“It’s more just like: I’m angry. The songs are very conversational,” Del Rey went on. “For the first song, I pressed record and sang, ‘When I look back, tracing fingertips over plastic bags, I think I wish I could extrapolate some small intention or maybe get your attention for a minute or two.’ It’s a very wordy album. So there’s no room for color. It’s almost like I’m typing in my mind.”

in a The New Yorker profile of Del Rey’s frequent collaborator Jack Antonoff that was also published this week, Antonoff talked about a recording session he recently did with her at Henson Studios in Los Angeles: “We were tuning 808s, messing around,” Antonoff said. “And then we had this one weird live take where she was singing along to a voice memo on her phone, with her headphones on, and I was playing piano latent to what she was singing, and we just both went, ‘Yep, there it is — our one magic moment.’”

Major publications aren’t the only ones talking about LDR’s songwriting this. Here’s Grimes, who also just updated her Twitter bio to a lyric from a 2012 Lana single: “in the land of gods and monsters I was an angel, looking to get fucked hard”:

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