LinkedIn’s new AI will write letters to hiring managers

LinkedIn is piloting a new AI feature for job seekers. The company is testing a new feature that will create brief, cover letter-like letters that candidates can send to hiring managers on the platform. The feature is now rolling out to premium subscribers of the site.

With the update, users will see the option to “Allow the AI ​​to draft a message to the hiring team” along with open roles on the platform’s jobs page. The feature relies on “information from your profile, hiring manager’s profile, job description, and company of interest” to create a “highly personalized” message, according to the company.


In the example provided by LinkedIn, the letter reads like the opening few sentences of a cover letter. However, the AI-written message users see will likely vary based on the amount of information you have on your LinkedIn profile. The company notes that “personalization is still important,” and that users should double-check and edit text before submitting it.

LinkedIn, which is owned by OpenAI Microsoft, has also experimented with other generative AI features. The platform has added AI writing suggestions, and “collaborative articles” that also use text.

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