Live news: New York-area airports posted first-quarter traffic recordings on travel recovery

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American Airlines pilots have voted to authorize a strike, in a move that is putting more pressure on America’s largest airline as it negotiates a new contract with workers.

The Allied Pilots Association, which represents about 15,000 AA pilots, said Monday that more than 96 percent of its members participated in a vote to authorize the strike, and more than 99 percent of that group voted in favor.

The results do not mean a strike is imminent because federal laws make it difficult for airline unions to strike. However, the APA said that the sit-down will take place on Monday for two hours at 10 US airports.

AA has acknowledged the vote as an “important” part of the process surrounding the wage deal.

“We remain confident that the agreement for our pilots is within reach and can be completed quickly,” the company said in a statement emailed to the Financial Times.

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