Marcus Spears says the Bears helped themselves the most in the NFL Draft

Hardly anyone interested or analytical on the Chicago Bears has been critical of the 2023 NFL Draft performance.

The Bears made major improvements in the trenches, as expected, most notably Darnell Wright, Gervon Dexter, and Zacch Pickens. They’ve also looked outward, making upgrades at the wide receiver and running back.

ESPN analyst Marcus Spears joined in the majority of praise for Ryan Bowles and the Chicago Bears for the work they did in this year’s draft.

“As I was going through picks, I really liked what they did, especially on the line of scrimmage with their first pick in Darnell Wright, an offensive tackle from Tennessee. A big, physical, grind,” the Spurs said on ESPN. “Kinda has the same mindset that Chicago Bears head coach Matt Eberflus likes to play with.”

The Bears showed their appreciation for the personality of the players in this draft, as hinted by the Spurs.

They sought out players who would bring some grit, grit, and wickedness into their game. Wright is the biggest culprit for these traits. He’s a bad offensive tackle, mean, and has a knack for pinning and lower body stability.

The Poles found a few middle defensive tackles in Dexter and Pickens. The Bears were pleasantly surprised that both SEC tackles fell on them as they did in the draft. (Dexter in the second round; Pickens in the third.)

From a logistical standpoint, the front office crossed most of their needs off the list as well.

“Obviously, getting Justin Fields some help in protection and also in the running game, I’m sure they want to continue to be established,” Spears said. “On the defensive side, not only some big guys who can push the pocket but they can defend the race in a section where you’re going to have to do both.”

The Poles and Eberflus stuck to the script on draft night. They didn’t take any chances, including selecting Jalen Carter, the defensive tackle from Georgia.

Most of the bears speculated that they would be open to taking him. But they moved from ninth to tenth to allow the Philadelphia Eagles a chance to take Carter.

In contrast, the Bears have stuck with high-level players with exceptional athleticism and unique skill sets. The draft class looks promising from the start. The Bears had the most odds Athletic Dean Bruegler’s “Monster” List.

“I love what Ryan Bowles and the Chicago Bears have done,” Spears said. “Kinda takes it back to old school football on the line of scrimmage. But also with some big athletic guys up front who can play multiple positions.”

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