Maserati Previews Limited Series 740 Hp Track-Only Project24

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Maserati is a bit of an oddity these days. The Stellantis-owned Italian car maker is in the midst of a pivot to electrification and seems intent on replacing its supercar past with a new SUV-focused future. But fans of Maserati’s racing history will be pleased to hear that the firm hasn’t forgotten its roots just yet, and now has a new track-only supercar concept to show off.

Based on the quite lovely Maserati MC20the Project24 is the latest slightly bonkers concept car to come out of Bologna.

The Italian firm will build just 62 examples of the track-focused monster. Each will feature the same V6 engine found in the MC20but this time it comes with new turbochargers to boost the output to 740 hp. That’s up from the not-to-be-snuffed-horse 621 hp you can get from the base MC20.

In the new car, that V6 engine will be paired with a six-speed sequential racing gearbox with paddle shifters, a well as a racing clutch and limited-slip, self-locking mechanical differential. So far, so good.

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To ensure you have the ability to handle that extra power, Maserati will fit the Project24 with new, double-wishbone suspension, Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes and race-ready tires. It also comes packed with FIA-approved safety features like a roll cage, fire extinguisher system and FIA-homologated FT3 fuel tank.

Despite all these additions, the new race-ready Maserati will weigh less than 1,250 kg (2,755 lb), giving it a power-to-weight ratio of approximately 1.69 kg/hp (3.73 lb/hp).

these performance and safety upgrades fitted to get the Project24 track ready are paired with updated styling and aerodynamics to make this Maserati stand out from the MC20. Designed by Centro Stile Maserati, the Project24 features a gaping radiator grille up front and an enormous wing to aid downforce at the rear.

All that new styling is crafted from carbon-fiber, including some parts made from natural fibers. The aerodynamic components can be adjusted to fit different tracks, and the new car will feature FIA ​​approved lighting for running at night.

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Inside the car, you’ll find all the creature comfort every good racing driver needs, like racing seats. The Project24 will also include the option to fit a passenger seat if one so desires. Along with a seat to keep you planted in those sharp racing turns, you get an adjustable pedal box, steering column and a six-point harness. Owners can also spec the race-ready car to have telemetry recording, in-car cameras, tire pressure monitors and a driving performance optimization display.

There’s no word yet on a release date or price for the Project24, but when it’s announced, you better act fast. Only 62 of these racing cars will be available for purchase.


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