May 3, 2023 These three zodiac signs fare better alone, square moon Mars

Have you ever found yourself saying, “No thanks, I’m good” to the question, “Are you interested in romance?” If so, you’ll be in your element today as the signs of the zodiac bring us, as on this day, May 3, 2023, the transit of the square moon Mars, essentially the cosmic event that makes three zodiac signs better off. It sets us aside and allows us to be content with our single condition, without a partner and certainly not looking.

We are not searching today, nor are we dissatisfied with our choice. We are happy to be single, not for bitter reasons, but because our life experience has shown us that it is best to follow one’s heart, and during a Mars square moon, our hearts will tell us that being single is the best way to be.

“No thanks, I’m fine.” You better believe it, you’re good, and if you’re one of the three zodiac signs mentioned here, you’ll stick to your guns and won’t budge; You know you’re good because you follow the beat of the drum. Sure, love and romance are great things, but is it an absolute necessity, or rather… being in a relationship is something that needs to happen, and if we’re not into it, how on earth can that possibly happen for good? I can not. Being in a relationship when you don’t want to be is not a good thing, no matter how much society wants to paint a picture of what’s best for us.

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During a Mars square moon, we know what’s best for us and follow our truths. We are happy for those who are comfortable in their love life and we do not envy them for anything. We say live and let live, but live and let live also means we’ll live well… our way too. On May 3, “our way” is one way, which makes us the happiest. Follow the bliss, as they say. What zodiac signs would you be happy to be single on this day?

Three zodiac signs that are better off as individuals on May 3, 2023:

1. Aries

(March 21 – April 19)

As someone who’s very experienced with love and romance, you know when it’s appropriate for you to get involved and when it’s appropriate for you to remove yourself from the equation. On this day, May 3, you will feel more comfortable being yourself, which means that you do not need to conform to any expectations. You’ve always noticed that “the world” expects you to be in a relationship…and everyone expects you to be in a relationship.

Everyone is supposed to fall in love and live happily ever after. You find this absurd, finding complete love and balance in being alone, not being committed to anyone other than yourself.

As the moon transits square Mars, you’ll feel even more strongly about being single, because it’s just another day in your life, Aries. You do what you want, and you live as you should because you are the one who makes the decisions when it comes to how you live your life.

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2. Cancer

(June 21 – July 22)

You know what works best for you in terms of love and romance, and it’s best to be single now. No one can convince you otherwise, it is you who live your life, not them. On May 3, 2023, you will experience the rush of independence that comes with a square Moon transiting Mars, as it supports your native feeling.

You love being single, and that’s just the way it goes. If being a partner feels great to others in your life, listen up. You are happy for your friends. Being happy with your friends doesn’t necessarily mean you want to be like your friends.

You are not jealous and you do not want to be in a romantic relationship. Maybe another day for that, but you’ll be the one to decide if it’s a good thing for you or not. Now, you are content to be single. You’ve been there, done that, and right now, the single life is the only one that seems promising for you.

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3. Aquarius

(20 Jan – 18 Feb)

Being single is the only way to experience happiness in this life. You might be someone who loves the company of people. You may adore a little romance here or there, but you love coming home alone at night, enjoying those moments of solitude… those lonely moments are things you will never let go of.

On May 3, someone in your life might ask you if you’d like to be in a relationship with them, and while you’ll want to be nice and let them down easily, the square of the Mars transiting Moon will help you state your feelings in a succinct, yet subtle manner.

You’ll be letting this person know that you’re not “commitment material” and don’t want to go much heavier than that while still wanting to be interesting. You are by nature a person who prefers to be single; In this sense, nothing will change.

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