Microsoft has released a Windows 11 Backup app with macOS Time Machine leanings

Microsoft announced a device equivalent to Time Machine, which Apple has offered with macOS since 2007. It was revealed in a Windows Insider blog post as part of Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 23466. Unlike the current system restore program, the Windows 11 Backup app is designed to create a backup Comprehensive backup of all relevant user data.

Hence, the new app will capture your installed apps, documents, photos, files, passwords, and settings. Microsoft adds that the app will also include Start menu and taskbar configurations to deliver a seamless experience. However, Microsoft does offer some flexibility in what files you’ll back up. Specifically, the Windows 11 Backup app will exclude files or settings from the on-demand backup process.

Please note that Microsoft only offers cloud storage backups at the moment, with no local save option available. Since the company only offers 5GB of free OneDrive storage, the Windows 11 Backup app serves as another go-to for the paid subscription service. The current version can’t automatically reinstall apps downloaded from the Microsoft Store either. Please see Microsoft’s blog post for more details.

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